Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guess Who's Back!

This is me, throwing my hat into the ring for 2012 Round 1.

No, I haven't suddenly decided I'm a writer again. And no, unlike most of the people who participate in A Round of Words in 80 Days, I have no desire to write professionally in any capacity. In fact, as I've so often stated, I'm one of the "evil" November writers. I participate in National Novel Writing Month and often don't write at all the rest of the year. That's why ROW80 is such a good idea. It's motivation for people who want to be writers to... you know... write.

Me? I'm back in this to try to reach some kind of conclusion to my still-untitled November novel. And no, it will never see the light of day after I write "The End" on it. I want to finish it because I'm tired of unfinished November novels. (I may even go back and finish a few of the previous ones, as well. We shall see.)

I have an overall goal in mind, and the "measurable" steps to get there. That, of course, must wait for the Goal Post on January 2. Ish.

See you then!