Monday, July 28, 2014

A Day Late - Check-in: Week Three, Part II

Okay, so I was supposed to do this yesterday, but the news would have been less groovy, and besides: I was completing a weekend of gaming gluttony, since I will be out of the gaming loop for a few weeks.

Ahem, and all that:

The Goal:
Average 334-ish words per day each week. (It's 1,000 words every 3 days, which -- counting the six days that happened before ROW80 began -- makes my 10,000 word Camp NaNo goal.)

As of last night, when this was supposed to be up, my word count was 8,762 -- just 238 words shy of where I needed to be. Not cause for alarm or self-flagellation.

Tonight was a writing session, however, and... drum roll please...

I have won Camp NaNoWriMo and met the July portion of my ROW80 goal.

"And there was much rejoicing."

Wednesday is supposed to also be a writing session, but at this time I am not yet sure I will be doing so. My word processor may not hear from me again until Friday (August1).

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