Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Check-In: Week Three, Part I

The Goal:
Average 334-ish words per day each week. (It's 1,000 words every 3 days, which -- counting the six days that happened before ROW80 began -- makes my 10,000 word Camp NaNo goal.)

My current word count for the month is 7,625 words. I'm on track as of the 21st. I have only 375 words to write by tomorrow (24th) to remain on track. Today was supposed to be a writing session, but the plan fell through. It's still possible that I will write a bit tonight (at home? ACK!), but at this point there is no guarantee.

Still, I'm doing far better in this ROW80 round than I have in either of the others I have attempted. I'm calling it a win, no matter where else things go from here.

How is everyone else doing? Check in with them!